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How to Ink a Rubber StampUpdated a year ago

How to Ink a Rubber or Clear Stamp

1. Grab your stamp and an Ink pad. Inking a rubber stamp vs a clear stamp is the same process.

2. Make sure your stamp is clean and dry - ink will not adhere well to a dirty or wet surface. When applying the ink be sure to lightly pat the stamp against the ink pad. If you press to hard, your stamp may become over inked and blotchy.

3. Evenly cover the entire surface of the stamp with your ink. Once your stamp is inked, press it onto your paper or surface and hold for a few seconds before lifting. Allow the stamped image to dry completely before moving or handling it. 

Tip: Test your stamp on scrap paper first to be able to adjust your ink saturation and stamping pressure.

How To Ink a Stamp That is Bigger Than The Ink Pad

You don't need the same size ink pad as your rubber stamp. You can use a small ink pad to ink a large rubber stamp, Here's how.

First, the ink pad must have a raised ink pad. This means that the ink pad is taller than the plastic container it sits in (see below). Then, the same way you ink a smaller rubber stamp, is how you'll ink a large rubber stamp; evenly coating the stamp with ink by patting the ink pad over the stamp.

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