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How To Refill Pre-Inked StampsUpdated a year ago

Step 1: Determining Your Pre-Inked Stamp Ink Cartridge

Style 1: The Sliding Ink Cartridge

Check to see if your pre-inked stamp has a sliding ink cartridge. To this, simply take off the bottom cap. If the ink pad and cartridge is able to slide out from either end, then add 3-6 drops of ink and slide the cartridge back into the stamp.

Style 2: The Handle Ink Cartridge

If your pre-inked stamp does not have a sliding cartridge, then you will be able to remove the handle of the stamp. Once the top of the stamp is removed, you can place 1-2 drops of ink into the ink wells. Then replace the stamp handle.

Step 2: Test The Impression

Once the ink has had time to absorb, test the stamp impression on scrap paper to determine if more ink needs to be added.

TIP: Remember that you can always add more ink, but cannot remove ink once it is added. It is best to add only 1-2 drops at a time as not to over-saturate your ink pad which will cause ink blotting. Because pre-inked stamps last for thousands of impressions, only a small amount of ink is needed to refresh a crisp stamp impression.

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