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Self-Inking And Pre-Inked StampsUpdated a year ago

What Are Self-Inking Stamps?

Self-inking stamps feature a self-contained ink pad which re-inks the stamp die before each impression is made.

Self-inking stamp pads use a water based ink and are fully re-inkable with ExcelMark Premium Stamp Ink for use in self-inking stamps.

Self-inking stamps are a cost effective solution and ideal for repetitive stamping.

Uses for Self-Inking Stamps:

  • Office paperwork - stamping documents and labels
  • Logos - using stamps for branding
  • Mailing - stamping envelopes, addresses and packages
  • Healthcare - stamping documents and records
  • Education - stamping homework and grading papers

Self-Inking Stamp Overview

  • Economical solution
  • Ideal for rapid and repetitive stamping
  • Easily re-inkable

What Are Pre-Inked Stamps?

Pre-ink stamps offer a superior quality impression and are an ideal solution when a more detailed impression is desired.  

Pre-inked stamps use an oil based ink and last for tens-of-thousands of impressions.  These stamps are fully re-inkable using ExcelMark Pre-Ink Refills.

Pre-inked stamps are available in larger sizes than self-inking stamps due to their simple construction.

Uses for Pre-Inked Stamps:

  • Legal Documents - stamping contracts or deeds
  • Certificates - stamping professional or educational certificates
  • Offices - stamping documents and packaging
  • Notaries - stamp state-notarized or professional corporate seal 
  • Logos - stamp logos for branding with highest professionalism

Pre-Inked Stamp Overview

  • Superior impression quality
  • Silent stamping
  • Available in larger sizes

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