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Wood Vs Clear StampsUpdated a year ago

Wood Stamps

Wood stamps are a traditional tool for crafting that feature a wooden mount with laser cut rubber that is affixed to the bottom. The rubber features a specific design or pattern, providing a distinct look and feel that has made wood stamps a popular choice among crafters for many years. 

Wood Stamp Overview

  • Traditional look and feel.
  • Satisfying to use.
  • Beautiful engraved design on top.

Clear Stamps

Compared to wood stamps, clear stamps are a more recent development and offer several benefits. The stamps are constructed from a soft and flexible material that adheres to a stamping block, making them more convenient to handle. Unlike rubber stamps, clear stamps can be easily attached and detached from their mount, making them more user-friendly. Additionally, clear stamps are typically slimmer than wood stamps, providing an advantage in terms of storage and taking up less space.

Clear Stamp Overview

  • More cost effective as they can be applied and removed from there stamping mount.
  • Thinner and take up less storage space.
  • Can see exactly where you are placing them since the stamp is see through.

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