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Self-Inking And Pre-Inked Stamps

Self-inking stamps feature a self-contained ink pad which re-inks the stamp die before each impression is made. Self-inking stamp pads use a water based ink and are fully re-inkable with ExcelMark Premium Stamp Ink for use in self-inking stamps. Self

Wood Vs Clear Stamps

Wood stamps are a traditional tool for crafting that feature a wooden mount with laser cut rubber that is affixed to the bottom. The rubber features a specific design or pattern, providing a distinct look and feel that has made wood stamps a popular

Pigment vs Dye Ink Pads

Pigment ink is ideal for projects that require rich colors and clearly defined lines. This type of ink is also known for being fade-resistant and water resistant, making it a good choice for projects that will be exposed to light or moisture. Pigment

Refill Ink Vs. Replacement Ink Pads

Refill ink is a great option for those who already have a self-inking stamp. Simply remove the ink pad from the stamp and add a few drops of ink. Refill ink is also available in a variety of colors, making it easy to customize your stamps for differe

What Is An Embosser?

Embossing is a printing technique that creates a raised image or design on a surface by pressing a metal die into the material. The die, which is typically made of brass or steel, is pressed against the material, creating a three-dimensional image or

What Are The Different Types of Stamping Inks?

Dye ink is a fast-drying ink with a water-like consistency. This thinner ink is ideal for stamping on regular paper surfaces. It's also the ink used in most self-inking stamp pads. Dye ink will absorb into the paper for very slight bleeding. This wat

How to Ink a Rubber Stamp

How to Ink a Rubber or Clear Stamp. 1. Grab your stamp and an Ink pad. Inking a rubber stamp vs a clear stamp is the same process. 3. Evenly cover the entire surface of the stamp with your ink. Once your stamp is inked, press it onto your paper or su

How to Clean Clear Stamps

To start spray your stamp cleaner directly onto one side of your Scrub-It pad. This will act as your washing station while the opposite side of the pad will be your dryer. Take your stamp and rub it against the felt side that has solution applied to

How To Refill Pre-Inked Stamps

If your pre-inked stamp does not have a sliding cartridge, then you will be able to remove the handle of the stamp. Once the top of the stamp is removed, you can place 1-2 drops of ink into the ink wells. Then replace the stamp handle. Once the ink h

How To Use Clear Stamps

Many blocks have grid lines to help you with exact placement, or even to place multiple stamps on one block at a time. There are lots of different sizes of acrylic blocks. Try to choose a block that is either the same size as your stamp or just sligh

How to Make a Signature Stamp

How To Apply & Remove Floor Decals

These decals are ideal for grocery stores, airports, restaurants, malls, convention centers and more. Application works on all indoor hard floors, including tiles, concrete, laminate floors and even low pile carpet tiles. Choose from either English o

How to Make Clear Stamps Cling Again

If your clear stamps are starting to lose their cling, it's easy to make them sticky again by simply using mild soap and water. We recommend air drying or using a clean, lint free cloth so new debris isn't re-added to the stamp. You may also want to